Mourad Kordab

MusicNeo site of composer Mourad Kordab

This is the MusicNeo site of composer Mourad Kordab.

This is the place for new programatic works and level specific arrangement and transcription of both old and new.

Some recent works include a programmatic work for young (Early Intermediate) orchestras called Castle Transylvania. This piece starts of with a fugue-like melody, transitions to a fast section, which is exciting and will challenge your string players to play exciting and upbeat music. This later transitions to a short love theme, this will highlight the maturity of your strings with the violas carrying with the melody along side the piano. Ending the piece with the fast section reprise. 

Other works such as Ich Dank Dir, Lieber Herre - BWV 347 and Wie Schon Leuchtet der Morgenstern - BWV 1.6, are arranged for piano and orchestra with the quartet parts for younger players.